Educational Initiative

Our youth workers and educators are responsible for planning, organising and monitoring the community programmes designed to correct inequalities and to facilitate the personal, social and emotional development of young people. As a sector with expertise, experience and good knowledge of the current state of youth, youth work can link and coordinate activities for young people. Youth workers help young people to become aware of their skills and competencies gained through youth work and other learning opportunities.


  • Young people and decision-makers in a dialogue
  • Active citizenship, democracy, solidarity and fundamental rights
  • Civic and democratic participation of young people at the EU level
  • Equal opportunities, life perspectives and a sense of social purpose, freedom of expression and building peaceful communities


Call for action and opportunities

Young people and youth workers make decisions and take responsibility as equal partners. Projects implemented by the young people give an advice and suggestions to these proposals a final decision or results. Young people have specific roles and tasks within the project and are aware of the impact they are having. Every young person has the right to information and services needed to meet the responsible decision.

  • Youth participation strengthens community capacity
  • Youth participation contributes to positive youth development
  • Youth participation is a right


How do young people take part in the decision-making process

  • By promoting tolerance, equality of rights and actions
  • Youth issues, promoting awareness through nonformal and informal learning, self-reflection, free anxiety practice and social issues
  • Participating in activities and events


Led by the youth

  • Young people adopt innovative strategies
  • Young people collaborate together through tolerance, diversity, and equality
  • Young people take part in the decision-making process
  • Youth counsellors and youth workers make sure the integration and involvement of young people


How are young people involved in decision-making activities

  • Activity agenda
  • Preparation of the activities
  • Adoption of the activities
  • Development of the activities
  • Dealing with problems and adjustments
  • Meetings and mobility with other young people